Our start was bit more than humble. At FIFI Sound we say how we had a strong kick in our back at our beginnings. Yes! Lucky us! So, let’s see who we really are?

Founders of FIFI Sound can proudly announce that their first know-how and experience was gained while working for famous and world recognised Dubrovnik Summer Festival. It is hard not to emphasize a long tradition of this festival which gathers many great names and works especially in theatre and literature. Therefore, this lifetime opportunity was complex and demanding job whereas the result was rich work practice and wide insight to the whole technical support any event can need.

After long work experience as sound engineers for Dubrovnik Summer Festival, next logical step was to start a private business. It was 2002 when FIFI Sound was established and specialised in providing high end services for renting and managing audio and lightening equipment, video production, and delivering tech hero services by granting all necessary technical support to any project.

Handling high tech equipment at any kind of event at customers request we consider and act as it is a piece of art. We combine our knowledge in premium technology, we are great location scouters and familiar with all venues in the area where your event can be held, and we produce best audio and light experience according to the sum of all facts, but above all, according to the customers wants. We make technology to work for you!

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