I can explain it to you, but I can’t understand it for you.

Although, we don’t wear masks, we are often called tech heroes, and sure we love it! It is our superpower and it is here for you. We can’t say noone understands our work, but most people don’t. Running an event, keeping in mind on all visual, audio, video projection, and live streaming systems, is an overwhelming and demanding job; so why not leave it to the professionals. We’ve seen events where attendees, especially wedding guests decided to be in charge for some part of the tech gear they are familiar with; but ending up not being relaxed and comfortable. Why hassle? If your budget can stretch a bit, or you can count on it ahead before, please do consider of having the AV technician at your event. We do issue resolutions and we own expertise. Be a bold type on this and make it easy for yourself!

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